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Thread: Baby Bandit is in puppy heaven

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    Thank you all so much for all of your kind words! I am having a very hard time without my baby . She was the one that gave me the strength to get through the rough days. I miss her so very much!! I just wish this was all just an awful dream. I try to sleep but can only get about an hour of sleep because I think I hear her at my door or walking around (. How long does this pain last( ?

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    A while I'm afraid. But it does gradually fade in time. I still can get a tear for my poor puppy, who died right before Christmas before turning age 3. But that was 10 years ago or more, and it doesn't hurt often. You're probably somewhat in shock right now, that hopefully won't last too long.

    Some say their spirit lives on in a puppy. One day, when you are ready, I'm sure Bandit wouldn't want you to remain alone.

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    I'm sorry to be so late in adding my sympathies to your loss. It is the hardest thing a person can do but it is the right thing in certain circumstances. you will meet again someday. I am so sorry for your loss.
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    I'm sorry Becky. It is a hard decision but made purely out of love & she knows that. I'm sure she has been greeted by my babies & my late Bandit by now. She is new, whole & healthy again.

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    Hey Becky,

    I understand your grief and it will lessen over time. At the risk of showing my gentle side I'll mention Murphy.

    We got an abused Scottie from animal rescue just prior to my SCI. Small skin and bones, extremely frightened and we already had Arnold Schwarzenscottie a 35lb! male.

    She quickly stole everyone's heart, Mine, my wife, and Laddie the other scottie.

    Both dogs were allowed on the bed (not night) and for an hour or so before sleep time the dogs would be up with us.

    Enter SCI. Surgery. Finally home. Both dogs jumped up on the bed, laddie sniffed, shook his head got a scritch and jujped down.

    Murphy looked at me, sniffed all around me, put her front paws on my chest licked me for a few minutes and went to the foot of the bed and guarded me. Every couple hours came over to check me.

    Net she did this for four years through 6 major back surgeries. She died unexpectedly 2 years ago in Jan just before my birthday. I wept. I've teared in the battlefield over dead brothers in arms but am pretty stoic. I wept on and off for weeks.

    We got 2 puppies that fall A black and a white scottie both girls and named on Murphy2 call her Murphy. She's turning into my dog with Calle favoring my wife and Laddie ruling the roost over all of us.

    I still have her collar in my special stuff drawer and still miss her. I revel in how much she brought to me though and I am comforted that she knew she was loved.

    You will heal and Bandit will be happy when you get another puppy.


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    Becky, I am so sorry about Bandit, and sorry too that I was so late responding to your thread. It is awful to loose an adored pet, and the pain lasts for a long time. Eventually you will be grateful Bandit came into your life at a time you needed puppy hugs, and you will also know you provided Bandit with a loving home, something every dog yearns for. When the time is right go get another dog or pet. It is a tribute to Bandit and your love when you decide to share your home with another furry friend. My deepest sympathies.

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