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Thread: Router?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    I dunno what to do...but do you think just buying a new router would fix me? Everything worked fine before until I switched to DSL.

    ...means it's not broken. buying another one is a waste.

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    I'm so lost........
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    You could buy a new Linksys...hopefully the same model. Get the tech support and get it running...write down all the steps...and then use those steps on your old router and return the new one. hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    I get a message that says IP conflict.

    This is the problem. DO NOT change any setting other than something to the effect of "TCP/IP Settings" to "DHCP" - not "DHCP with manual or static address".

    Every computer attached to the internet needs a unique IP address (IP just stands for Internet Protocol). Your router is just another computer with a unique IP address which it then tries to share with the computers in your household.

    A router sets up a Local Area Network (or LAN) and gives every device on the LAN a unique IP address (usually something like Your error message indicates two computers have the same IP address.

    DHCP dynamically assigns a unique IP address to each LAN device. However, each device and the router itself need to have DHCP activated (this is usually the default).

    I wouldn't buy a new router, since the problem may be with your PCs. It may be worth paying for somebody to visit and set up your devices if you can't find a tech-savvy friend.

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    And a girl as good looking as you shouldn't have to pay someone to fix it, jeez it's just a small fix, my sons got the same one hooked to ours, but it does have a cord run to it for the computer games. good luck, ours had to have a help from the tech crew tho, so guess it's kinda difficult.

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    Saw a linksys for $50 on Amazon, free shipping.

    The others are right, it is probably just settings. The question is - do you want to go ahead and pay the money, so that you will have tech support.

    Personally, I've found linksys tech support to be very good. I haven't always been so impressed with IP service providers. So I personally would just buy the linksys router.

    If you do buy the device from the DSL folks, the advantage is that the whole thing is their device - they can't blame it on the router, etc. However, I'm not sure with DSL but at least with cable it's easy to tell which is the problem, by just plugging a computer directly into the modem, and ignoring the router. So I wouldn't let that stop me personally.

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    If you want I will PM you my phone number, and you can call me and we can go thru the router settings, comparing page by page, what yours and mine are. If we setup a time, you can even block your number(I normally don't answer blocked calls ).

    I have to run out from ~10-12(8-10 for you), but will be here all afternoon. I am here now obviously, if you are an early riser.
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    Gurly - in case you don't know him, and even though he's a Cowboys fan, I can vouch that McDuff is okay.

    If not him, pick one person to work with by phone or PM. You're just going to get spun around listening to too many voices - even the ones who know what they are talking about.

    I suggest that you completely rule out a configuration conflict before you resort to buying a new router.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like a very good and kind offer from McDuff.

    Although I am the one possibly suggesting a new router, that is only because of the lack of tech support or someone who can get it working. If McDuff can fix you up over the phone, that's by far the best idea I believe.

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    good luck Tam..let us know how it works out ((hugs))

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