Read and comply as soon as possible please.

New policy: Ban of commercial weblinks (URL) in member signature or homepage link
Over the last three months, a new wave of spammers have flooded CareCure. Thousands of spammers have registered on our site and put lists of commercial links in their signature, homepage link, and other parts of their Profile page. They then post in heavily trafficked topics so that these commercial links show up and people might click on them.

These are essentially advertisements. Spammers have realized that they can increase their traffic to their web sites with such posts. Because of the high traffic that our site gets (many of our topics get thousands of views), even a few posts can harvest clicks for sites that they are promoting. Every day since October, we have had 10 or more such spammer registrants, often exceeding the number of legitimate registrants.

To discourage such spammers, we are implementing a new policy regarding commercial links in the signature, homepage, and other parts of your member profile. We have long discouraged posting of commercial advertisements on the site. Starting today, we are banning any commercial links (URL) in the signature, limiting commercial links in the home page, and restricting certain types of commercial advertisements in Member Profile.

1. Signature. Your signature appears with every post that you make. Spammers are using the signature as a way of advertising their wares on our site. There should not be any commercial links in your signature. If you have a URL in your signature, it must be clearly related to you and must be non-commercial.

2. Homepage. Your homepage link should be related to you in some way. For example, you can put your blog site, facebook, home page, or even your company's or organization's web site as your homepage link. However, it should not be a link to a general web site advertising commercial products.

3. Profile Posts. You can post information on your Profile's Visitor Message board concerning products or services that you are providing, including fundraising and commercial links. However, drug advertisements and links to pornographic sites are not allowed.

New registrants will be banned if we find any commercial links in the signature section or commercial advertisement in the homepage link. We encourage all members who have commercial links on their signature to remove them as soon as possible.