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Thread: New policy: Ban of commercial weblinks (URL) in member signature or homepage link

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    As long as the link is to your personal blog, and that blog's main purpose is not sales, you can include that link in your signature.

    If you are having problems with either an avatar or profile picture, please e-mail a copy of the photo to Jim (see this thread):

    Welcome to CareCure!


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    Thank you KLD!

    hmm. lol. I think I am confused. Homepage vs. your signature. and not that it is that important. art and poetry is much of my life so I like to share it. as it is the best way to get to know me so in any profile, facebook, etc. that is what I share. if anybody cares to visit or not. but I do have a happenings tab that shares things like public talks and exhibitions etc. so if that is too commercial I understand.

    I wasn't going to put any link in my signature.

    Thanks, Connie

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