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Thread: CATS on Animal Planet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danine View Post
    Siamese are awesome. Mine has a tremendous "vocabulary" and is not afraid to use it...LOL.
    Oh yeah they love to talk. I knew that but the show verified it. lol

    Yes Alan thc is short for the hip crip.

    You're welcome Loves2rescue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehipcrip View Post
    TAM, your baby and Puddy are definitely related! Not only do they look alike (gorgeous babies that they are), but that's the same position my Tat likes to assume when I'm online on my Dell laptop.

    It's like you're posting pics from my life!

    How old is yours? Puddy's color points were quite pale for the first few years -- in fact, he was almost all white as a baby. He really started to darken up at age three, and I swear he gets a little darker every year.
    lol kitty twins. I think he's about 2 1/2, we were just trying to remember. I inherited him and his gorgeous brother last spring when their owner passed away.

    The other thing the silly cat likes to do is to sit on and hug the power adapter for the laptop. Which of course overheats the thing.

    I think there is going to be great mourning when I take the Christmas tree down - both cats are sleeping under it constantly now - they've never seen one before. Thankfully, they aren't climbing it or eating ornaments.

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