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Thread: Setting correct footrest height

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    Setting correct footrest height

    Since getting my new chair I have played with the air level in my ROHO trying to determine what is "right" as far as seat to footrest. (The ROHO is a Quatro so I could have the front a lot firmer than the rear. My footrest was as low as I was comfortable in going.) Last night I switched to another cushion, not air based, and I am trying to determine what I think is right with adjusting my footrest height.

    It has been a long time since I have had to think on this and I also was more stretched out before.

    I'd appreciate tips and thoughts from others.

    (Certainly I can play around and see what feels right, but polling the group here I feel has potential to give insights I haven't thought of and/or not aware of.)
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    Gee Brian, I'd say you need at least 1" clearance from the bottom of your footrest to the floor so you don't do a face-plant at the bottom of a ramp....but also you have to be sure your thighs are parallel to the cushion, resting on your cushion and correspond to the dump on your chair so your knees are not up high and putting undue pressure on your ishkies.

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    "Gee Brian", not sure how to take that.

    I am using much more dump than I have in the past, so this would lead me to think my knees would be higher than the pelvis, in relation to before. (I hope that makes sense.)

    I clearly do not want to put undue pressure on the butt, hence the question, though too much pressure and I usually get uncomfortable.

    I suspect I may have leaned towards setting my legs lower in the past but now not having the ground clearance I'd like has me questioning every bit I can get upwards.

    I noticed that my heels were not setting down on the footplate so I raised the footplate up a bt, and I do like that it is up a bit higher off the ground, though I haven't had any issues yet being as low as I was. Even after raised I can still push down on my knee and push my heel down a bit.

    If I grab the outsides of my legs and push in-and-out they seem to wobble back-and-forth easy. My knees are clearly higher than before but as of yet it doesn't seem to be bothering me; I run my fingers under my leg and feel pressure but I really don't know what's enough or not.
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    Generally the rule of thumb from a skin perspective is to have your knees about 1" below the level of your trochanter (hip) bone. If the knees are too high, it puts much more weight on your ischial bones. A lot of dump makes this difficult to achieve.


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    subtract the profile of your cushion to the measurement that i show you in the pic, and you will have the measurement from the seat to the footrest, after adjust 0.5ich up or down your preference.

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    For whatever reason TotoL1, my PC will not open 90% of the photos you post, including this one.
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    It sounds like you are probably more concerned with getting enough ground clearance than finding the "ideal" seat-to-footrest length. Your TR has a steeper front frame angle than your old 2HP (80 -vs-60). You want a similar seat-to-footrest length as the you had with the 2HP, but the ol' Pythagorean theorem dictates that in order to do that, you will either have marginal footrest clearance or have to raise your STF heights (which would affect a lot of other things). You could possibly reverse your footplate (which may also be a no go due to your footrest style and Frog Legs forks). You might be able to lower your calf strap and tighten it up a little to bring your feet slightly farther away from you. The fact that your photos are so consistent makes the problem easy to visualize. If only the solution to your problem was as simple.

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    Without question it is in my head about how low my feet are, which is a bit hard to see in pictures. Ironically, as mentioned, I haven't had any issues with my feet close to the ground, other than maybe going over some of my sons toys. With the front casters located where they are works well for not having issues.

    That said, I do also question the right height on the grounds of comfort. Having changed my cushion, which has a higher front, due to mods, to what I had before, in current chair and last, has me searching. As you mention it can change other things, raising the legs up also appears to have made it a bit tippier.

    I had thought originally of taking a little rubber off the heal of my shoes when worried about clerance, but being I haven't had any issues it hasn't been a priority.

    Moving the footplate up a bit due to the cushion change has my mind started wondering...

    I'll have to shoot another picture and show where I am at now. When I look down and see my knees up higher, it reminds me of the picture you posted of yourself SCI_OTR, and with the change in the cushion, our dump level would be simliar. But when I look in the mirror my knees don't look as high as yours.
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    Latest setting... (Sorry for te dork look, I was talking to my wife and not paying attn.)

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    "Gee Brian", not sure how to take that. lol OK, let me rephrase that "Gosh Brian" lol I'm pretty much aware of what you mean. I'm the same size as you and also in an old Quickie 2 HP so I'm in the same boat as we've discussed before. I have to get my dimensions right too.

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