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Thread: Linux Live on usb Flashdrive

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    Linux Live on usb Flashdrive

    There is a program called Linux Live USB Creator found here... it's small and automates the installation of MANY Linux Live Versions out there to flash drives. Real simple, fast and has the option of installing Virtual Box so that u can run the Linux Live in a virtual machine INSIDE windows OR just boot from it. It makes LIVE versions almost as fast as a hard drive install. U can also make a persistence file with it. This would be ideal for Linux newbies AND I'll say there OUGHT to be a boatload of you! As many computer problems as are had here, rendering your computer USELESS, I would think that you would LOVE to have an option of using it REGARDLESS of MS Windows Operating Systems failing/infected/just plain not working. Anyway, here it is. For the record, I used the beta version so I can install Sabayon, it isn't supported in stable versions YET. I'm typing this from a VIRTUAL Knoppix 6.2 running inside windows 7 ultimate.

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    Here's another....

    Dear CapnGimp,

    Have you ever tried Puppy Linux?

    Sprinkle a little Open Office and dump the Bill Gates dependency/ addiction.

    Cheers to an alternative other than Microsoft,

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