I'm a C5/6 quad and I have a TiLite Evo with Emotion M15 wheels. This has been a good setup, allowing me to drive my Ford E350 from my chair using the old Qstraint lockdown (the one they had before they duplicated the EZlock). It is time for a new chair because I want to go more compact and mine is falling apart. All of the "full frame" chairs are more in the entry level category. TiLite has discontinued the Evo and now makes the aluminum Aero R, an entry level chair. Quickie still has the GPV which is "fully adjustable" aka entry level. I'd love to go with a TiLite TR or similar, but the only lockdown options I've seen are underneath and would require a crazy custom bracket under the chair. So...

1. Are there any awesome full frame manual chairs?


2. Are there any new lockdowns that grab the front bars or don't require an undercarriage bracket?



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