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Thread: Set it and Forget it

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    Set it and Forget it

    I am a very non materialistic lady who cooks alot of our dinners outdoors in my smoker or BBQ fire pit I call it . I lived in tents and campgrounds most of my life because of my indian bloodline . That is how I was nicknamed Gypsylady it goes with the territory .

    My Christmas or holidays in general are just about living life as best I can because I dont do the fancy Decorating styles so many people / families do I just live from day to day .

    Anyway's I have a friend who is a proffesor at a college he called up and asked me what time is good for his wife and him to visit so I said 1 or so .
    To my suprise never in a million years did I expect something ( Gift ) like this . His wife and him drove here with a box in their hands .
    It is a Ronco Rottisere how ever it is spelled the box say's !
    Set it and forget it
    She told me she loves this gizmo they use it for most of their meals and thought i'd like one . What a nice gesture . I am really speechless about their kindness because I never expected anything like this .

    Call me old fashioned but I truly admire and cherish my friends , Life to me is special as I truly live day to day .

    I just am glad that First of all Thank God I am alive and live the simple life as I call it
    So now I am reading the booklet about this Ronco Gizmo
    Set it and Forget it !
    I've never used anything like this before to cook so this will be fun .
    Wow is all I could say
    This act of kindness makes me cry with tears of love / joy , I am sensitve but this was totally out of the norms for me .
    They are super kind
    Sorry for babbling on
    Happy Holidays Everyone
    Sincerely ;

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    You must be a special friend to inspire such a thoughtful gift. Enjoy it!

    Happy Holidays!
    Veni.Vidi,Velcro...I came, I saw, I stuck around.

    Vidi, Vici, et Veni, et Veni, et Veni...

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    Cool! Glad you have such wonderful friends. Enjoy!

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    You will love the way the Ronco cooks a roast! I could not cook a good roast until I bought one of these. It quit on me a few years ago and I really need a new one! Have fun with it!

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    Hi there Everyone yes he is a special friend we are both heavily into psychology etc... He is a professor at a college His family is special to us both . Theyre Very down to earth and caring .

    Thank you all I really like this thing I am anxious to try a roast on it , I cooked sausages and Pork backstraps in it very easy gizmo lol . It kind of reminds me of something from a 7 /11 store lol
    Keep smiling
    Sincerely ya friend

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