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Thread: Hard Drive Swapping

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    Hard Drive Swapping

    I Have a hard drive on a desktop computer and the battery went dead on it. Well, my brother got the battery back in but before he found and used the right battery that I had stuck away for awhile, he tried to solder a lower voltage battery. I think he messed up my mother board in essence. The power comes on but none of the accessoiries work (monitor, cd drive) It has a western digital hard drive, is there a way to access the drive by putting in into another machine or trying to swap with another external drive. Are drives this easily interchangable. Is the information still on the hard drive?


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    David,You can change the jumper settings on the hard drive to slave and put it in another computer to see if she works.If it does you can move over your information to the other drive as long as there is enough space on the master drive.Its really easy to do..just highlight the file or files you want to move over and drag them to the master which should be c:\ drive.

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    or you can get a usb enclosure for the old hd, they can be had for about 35 bucks, the hd fits in there and you can plug it into any usb computer to get your data, then you could use it as external hd if you wanted to

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    What brand and model of MB do you have? It is not uncommon when "messing" with the c-mos battery (especially when ussing the wrong voltage) to fry the BIOS. The nice thing is you can save yourself a few bucks and order a new BIOS. Or, you can use this as an excuse to upgrade .

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    David,I been working on computers for 12 yrs.
    Save yourself 35 bucks and move your data over like stiggy said..If you have any other questions please email me. Duke

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