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Thread: Christmas Breakkies

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    Christmas Breakkies

    My fanmily has always done an English style fry up for the day. This year we started with lemon poppyseed muffins and coffee, then an hour later Ruby Red grapefruit, Scones with whipped butter and orange marmalade, Shirred eggs with paprika and parsley, Boarshead English cut bacon, and de alcoholized sparkling rose. Followed by Christmas Crackers (not a food item, google it).

    What ch'all have?


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    I know what Christmas Crackers are - but we'll do ours at dinner.

    Sounds like a great breakkie - I'm kinda low-key this year, too much going on. But - fresh orange juice and Pannetone - we adore the stuff. I looked into making it once, but that's waaaaay too much commotion for me. Storebought is delish. There are some muffins lying around also.

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