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Thread: anniversary thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmaddmother View Post
    I do hear you OJ...As far as injury date, with it being on Christmas Eve, all it has done is spoiled the peace and joy of celebrating Christmas...I am having a difficult time and here we are 4 years later...would I feel the same if it had been any 'ol day on the calendar? I think it would be easier...It's not like I bottle the emotions up and a few days before the holiday season start thinking about my sons injury...I speak about his injury to hundreds of people every month, asking them not to drink and drive...because shit happens...and in the beginning my efforts felt like I was on a path of healing the emotional pain I buried deep within...and it seems it is BACK and worse than ever...and I am AB....and I'm complaining...I'd kick myself in the arse if I could...

    As far as the long awaited cure...sorry folks, I don't see it happening...and that really saddens me...I do think research will bring forth how new injuries are treated...and those with a new sci won't deal with the "stuff" those of you deal with on a daily basis. I would jump with joy if pain issues were son often hides his pain from me I know...

    Haven't mean't to rant OJ, just wanted you to know I understand what you're saying, I have followed your journey since your first post and as much as you hate to hear the dang words, you are such an inspiration! hugs, judy
    You didn't rant. I have seen the effect my injury has had on my family, in particular my parents so what you write seems not a rant but just more a reflection of reality. For my family I think there is a lot of guilt on both sides. Guilt from me for ripping their lives apart and the seemingly endless physical and emotional burdens I continue to place on them. And I think there is a lot of guilt from them that they can't sometimes do more for me or can't "fix" things. Their grief doesn't seem as pronounced as it once was. But I suspect they have just gotten better at hiding it from me. As I have tried to do from them.

    They would do anything for me, I know that. But it so often feels like we are all living in a house of cards. You do your best to keep things together but the slightest breeze and everything can come crashing down. But I guess all you can do is just do your best and hope things stay together. Kind of a canned analogy but it seems to fit for my family.

    I didn't know your son was injured on Christmas Eve. There are at least 4 other people I know from here that were injured either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I hope despite everything your family
    was able to have a nice Christmas Judy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels View Post
    Well you've all said it all.

    I admire you OJ and look forward to the day I read a book you've written.
    Full of those breath taking pictures you post.
    You have a way with words that grabs my attention & makes me want more.
    I'm sorry you were hurt period. Regardless of the day.
    But I understand what you're saying. {hugs} Mona
    Thanks Mona. Wishing you a happy 2010.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    Merry Christmas Amanda. I only remember the date because it is written here. And honestly, I thought it was the 12th of December a long time until I saw my journal. And this year was a little special because it was a new decade.
    I have the same problem when I don't leave my house for a few days. Then I usually only know what the date is when I check the weather channel because it always has it written on the bottom of the screen I think it is easy to lose track of days, especially in winter.

    I believe our minds are made like that. We forget the bad memories after a while.
    I think you are right. I guess some time removed from a bad or painful memory helps put it in a different perspective. Or maybe it's that as time goes by other things occupy your attention instead of just the bad memory. I hope you and your family had a "God Jul."

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    I think of you often and send much love and many hugs to you....


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    OJ, My daughter was injured one year ago on December 20th - which is also her birthday. That day will always be one of the greatest days of my life for two - her birth on 12-20-89 and two - her life on 12-20-08. She nearly died as a result of her accident. I am so grateful that she is still here with me. Yes, we are all still looking for the good in all of this, but I can not imagine not having my daughter in my life. She is still struggling and learning how to deal with her injury, but every day is a great day when I get to go into her room and spend time with her. They say, time will heal and things will get better. If I look back to where she was a year ago today, that statement is more than true. Good luck to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangejello View Post
    Thanks Mona. Wishing you a happy 2010.

    Thanks OJ! I hope you have a wonderful 2010 also. {hugs} Mona

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    I meant to come back to this thread and reply to several of the posts but haven't yet

    I will eventually get back here but for now just wanted to say thank you to everybody who read what I had to say and replied. Just knowing people care can go a long way sometimes. Sending best wishes to you all for 2010.

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