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Thread: Pain meds + Marijuana

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs View Post
    Yes, I got it taken care of that day. Still trying to decide about that doc though. The whole system is fucked up because of docs like that.
    It's not the docs that caused the system to be FU. It's the pinheads trying to beat the system AND getting Uncle Sam to pay for it. I kinda feel sorry for SOME docs, they want to help the legitimate ones and can't be trying to find out who's real or not.

    I think I've broke the law at least once in my life, been so long ago, I can't remember WHAT 4 but because of that, I don't call the law on NO one. If you are quick to call the law, I'd rather not know you. I take care of my own business and think the world would be a MUCH BETTER place if folks followed MY lead.

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    I kept thinking about this one.

    I cannot see reporting a doctor to get "revenge" for his stopping treatment of you (not saying that's what you're doing). As you said, you knew the consequences, so it doesn't sound like he mistreated you imo.

    However - if he's knowingly supplying drug dealers - yeah, I'd be wanting to do something about it as well. Like you say, that sort of thing really messes it up for the rest of people. But the trick here, imo, is "knowingly".

    If the doctor wasn't knowingly doing this, and you weren't SURE it was knowingly - I would feel bad about perhaps destroying the doctor's life. Which is a real possibility.

    Hmm pissed off druggies, I hadn't thought of that. I suppose you might be able to do it anonymously.

    But I personally would have a hard time justifying that, unless I was really truly sure. I wouldn't want to be responsible for possibly destroying an innocent man's career/life.

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    I agree with everyones views regarding not turning him in. There's no way to know he intentionally put this on himself.

    However, glad to know you got seen & treated elsewhere. Dr's just have to follow protocols sometimes whether we agree or not, sometimes they can't be safe enough. I agree with CG, just the unfortunate law & druggies ripping the system.

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    I was thinking about this. Looks like your real anger is using a drug not legally and getting caught. And you want him to pay for it because you were found out. So while you are focusing on his wrong doing, look at self. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Glad you have another doctor. If you believe you need MJ as a good medicinal cure or helps, then ask your doc if it can be prescribed legally. If not, stay away. Just my opinion. Good luck.
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    Campngimp, you are giving advice on how to trick UA testing-not be caught? Many docs won't supply narcotics for those who really need it or think people with disabilities will abuse meds.
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    MJ isn't prescribed medically in most of the US, certainly not in Oklahoma. I hardly think GotWheelz broke a Ten Commandment here.

    And LOL, you think it's CapnGimp's fault that doctors are reluctant to prescribe narcs? B/c he smokes mj? That's nuts. All the self-righteous posturing can't change the fact that our options for pain are bad and worse; sometimes it's about damage control. In OK and KS, these doctors ARE creating junkies. How do you think so many of these drugs wind up on the street? Docs are making a fortune so they deem it worth the risk.

    One doc in Wichita was responsible for providing drugs to >50 fatal od's, I heard. You think he was unaware?

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    Betheny- sorry if my post made it sound like I was blaming one person no. I was commenting to this person regarding the post written earlier, sorry if I was not clear.

    I agree the prescription of pain killers is a universal problem- controlled substances. My insurance will not cover certain type of pain meds prescribe to me such as a pain patch. The cost of out of pocket expense is incredible (and prohibitive). I am aware in the medical field of which I have been part, there appears to be a lot of oversight although abuse exists. Do I believe some people take pills from others to control pain? yes. I have seen this. I also had a friend who coded in the ER due to taking someone elses pain meds, not prescribed for him, to control his pain. Could some consider it "self-righteous" to be against narcotics or other habit forming drugs without a prescription? I call this prudent. MJ is prescribed medically in this part of NE. I research what will help my chronic pain from SCI. It would be wonderful to have a cure, but this has not been found. We can all have our opinions.
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    I don't know of a soul that has coded on mj, which pretty much hammers home my position. The law is the law, but dead is dead...

    I've known people that abuse the system, sell pills, get in trouble w/ the pain dr. for having none of their narcs in their system when UA'd. LOL, those narcs paid last months rent-and these people would never touch pot.

    You sounded like you were demonizing the most innocuous option to me, sorry if I read you wrong.

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    Capn, let me start by addressing the "code" some live by. There is no honor in allowing a wrong to be done that affects people in a negative way. I've lived the life of "no cops, regardless" and realize now that I was nieve in believing others. It is what it is...

    Oklahoma has its issues. It was meth and crack, but it has definately slid into prescriptions. That doc would bill $425 a visit and it was mandatory you visit each month. Billed $345 for UA's...Sounds like a reach around on Ol' Sam to me...

    FYI, I've dropped this subject and turned over a new leaf for a new year...
    Say what you mean and mean what you say because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

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