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Thread: Christmas scrubbed at our house

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Hi All,
    Glad to report that my wife is comfortable and feeling a bit better. Her pulse is slowly coming down.

    This has been a total surprise. She just had her annual checkup last month, and other than some arthritic pains, was deemed quite healthy. No past signs of a cardiac problem, no diabetes, and no panic attack. Our Chrstmas plans just included a relaxed dinner with another couple and a few phone calls to relatives. No Christmas extravaganza for us. If things work out, we will probably spend our afternoon at the hospital tomorrow.

    Hope you all fare better than us.

    Wishing you both all the best
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    Sorry to hear! Hope she can be treated and released before Sunday! The important thing is that you're together ... no matter where you are.
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    Glad to hear it seems to be a "minor" problem. Better days ahead.
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    Prayers sent your way~

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    Hope and Prayers

    My fervent hope is that all comes our well for your wife. Also, you must take care of yourself while she is incapacatated.
    You C.A.N.
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    All the best , Look after yourself & Mrs.55.


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    I'm sorry to hear your wife is sick 55.
    Take good care of her. Christmas will be waiting for y'all later.
    God bless her. I keep her in my thoughts & prayers.

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    Christmas on the 27 th or 25 th, what the heck! Enjoy.

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    Late chiming in,sorry. Glad to hear she's doing better, what a Christmas gift.

    Just tell the truth though, you two were going at it..we know you're both horn dogs!

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