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Thread: pc's been broke. Just want to say Hi. I'm back.

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    pc's been broke. Just want to say Hi. I'm back.

    I have been going crazy. I have been able to use my pc but it wouldn't let me type. It's been broke for two months and couldn't afford to get it fixed. So now I'm back, WHOOOHOOO. I missed yall. There is nothing like CC.

    I did something very stupid when I broke it. I was on Facebook and some how I clicked download windows 6 well I have XP. I went to system restore and started it and I had a ton of people coming in the door. So one of my grandkids clicked the mouse and stopped system restore right in the middle of it and boom, not good. I lost SR. It took the calender and days off of it and I couldn't type. The cursor would click but it wouldn't type.

    So HELLO.
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    Hi Mary! Welcome back, you have been missed. I hope your PC problems are over.

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    We missed you, Mary. Glad you are back on-line.


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    Oh no Mary! I'm glad you got it fixed & you're back!

    Merry Christmas! Mona

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    Hiyaz Mary Glad youre Back
    Keep Smiling
    Sincerely ;

    Happy Holidays
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    merry christmas maryonwheels

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    Happy Holidays - glad you're back!
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    Welcome back Mary, that's a good Christmas gift, getting back online.
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    Welcome Back! I had wondered where you were.I'm glad it was just pc problems & nothing major.

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