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Thread: What a day---unbelievable

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    Exclamation What a day---unbelievable

    I braved WalMart for my last 2 gifts & food for Christmas Day.
    Last day city transit bus runs before Christmas. So had to go.
    Everyone was running over everybody. Shelfs were bare.
    People cutting in line. Regular Madhouse!
    The cashier was ringing up so fast she was freezing up the machine.
    Throwing my food in the bag. Then we were both racing to the front door.
    I ran late. Thank God the bus waited for me.
    I get home. My sister is hurting. (retired arthritis)
    My bil comes to put my cold groceries up.
    He puts the fruit, veggies, & cheese in the fridge.
    But he couldn't find the meat, eggs, can goods, cookies, pudding, etc.
    Maybe it was left on the bus. Called, nope not on bus.
    The cashier only brought half my groceries to the bus!
    I was so upset! I couldn't fix Christmas Dinner.

    Thank God I called up there and the manager of WalMart said bring your receipt and we'll give it to you.
    My bil is so sweet.
    He took the receipt and reshopped for everything and got it for me.
    I didn't know what I'd do.
    No way for me to go up there again and no money to buy it twice.

    I guess the old saying is right. All's well that ends well.
    But I'm getting tired of surprizes. The lal mattress. Then the food. lol

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    Wow,glad you got your food.There is still some good in the world!!
    Be yourself!!!
    BMF Sports & LiftWithoutLimits
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    People are crazy, they are so stressed. Now I don't have a big Christmas party here but I have seen people with 10 bags from the shop, running all day and the place we can buy wine and spirit, we can't buy that in the shops, had a queue out on the street, 1,5 hour waiting.

    I am happy you got your food back
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Glad you got your stuff Mona. Good luck with your Christmas
    cooking too.

    I braved shopping today too & hated it,too many rude people. I forgot something & must go back..on Christmas Eve..ack!

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    Mona, I hit a grocery store today and was amazed at how busy it was. This is a huge supermarket with something like 30-35 cash registers all up and running, but everyone had a line of four or five carts trying to get through. Madhouse! So glad they replaced the food for you and that you had someone to go pick it up for you. I don't usually have any problem getting my food, but I notice I have to watch them like a hawk if I buy greeting cards because they will forget to put them in the bag. Good luck cooking!

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    Thats a great story! Nice to hear something positive these days! Merry Christmas!

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    I'm glad it all ended well, Mona. Have a Merry Christmas!

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    Such a happy ending, I am so glad for you. Merry Christmas!

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    glad it worked out Mona, another take tho...what if you hadn't had the receipt? The cashier should have called her manager right away to let him know what happened...and to wait for your call...wonder what she did with your someone to put food that had been paid for back? or did the person behind you get your food...have to wonder...

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    glad there are still some good people in this world...

    Glad things worked out for you. Have an awesome Xmas!
    "Always look at the bright side of life...."

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