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Thread: Casters on my ZRA

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    Casters on my ZRA

    Ive had my ZRA for about 7 years now and Ive always wondered about this so I decided why not post it and ask.

    For those of you with a ZRA, do your front forks move up and down on your chair? Mine have a little (1/8") slack above the forks that allow the entire fork to move up and down when I pop wheelies, but it also make this annoying popping sound when I push in general.

    Is this right or was my chair assembled improperly?
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    It was, sounds like your forks have loosened up a bit. Just tighten them up a little. You may have to take the front wheels off to do it.

    Have you changed your bearings in the past 7 years? If not, I would suggest you do.

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    I've never experienced that situation (or heard of it) before, but i would have to agree with Quartermile on tightening the fork... especially before the 1/8" becomes more and you drop a caster mid-wheely. Although, that would be hilarious to see happen... a true test of the skills!
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