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Thread: Ever ask yourself "what beer should I have tonight?"

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    Ever ask yourself "what beer should I have tonight?"

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    When did PBR become the hip thing to drink?! Yuck!

    My beer wasn't on there but it can be served any night. Most people haven't heard of it & when they try it they compare it to wine.

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    Great! I wish I hadn't seen this until AFTER I got off work. Now I'm thirsty NOW!
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    Hornsby's isn't beer.

    the chart excludes a lot of good options, but surprisingly it makes sense!

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    Hmm that thing is inaccurate. I always drink Coors when operating the Stargate.... Duh..


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    The one good thing about having a peg tube is that since I don't taste it, I can get the same buzz with the cheap stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    Hornsby's isn't beer.
    To me it is, yummy apple beer. At 6% alcohol, I can call it what I want to, tyvm.

    Robin, I'm thirsty now too. I'm stuck w/ no way out & all we have is Shock-Top beer in the fridge. Ick, I'll have to pass....

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    Stay thirsty my friends..

    Tequiza! ha, haven't seen that since high school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tman9513 View Post
    Stay thirsty my friends..

    Tequiza! ha, haven't seen that since high school.

    I agree with the most interesting man in the world
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    This is my favorite. A microbrewery in St. Marys, PA. Growing up in western PA I survived on Rolling Rock and Fort Pitt, which has been gone for many years. Even Rolling Rock has been gobbled up by one of the national brands and is made in Philly.
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