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Thread: SCINetUSA/JustADollarPlease Fundraising Tools

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    Hope it works. I know you can't market passively. I had a site up that proclaimed all revenue from Amazon would go to research and that never got any traffic to speak of, but I did find CC looking at my server logs. For that, I was thankful.

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    Sounds like an effective way to raise money but we don't want to turn CareCure into a fundraising website. It's purpose is to provide the community with information about care and curative therapies of SCI and other CNS disorders. We can use it to promote SCINetUSA and JustADollarPlease, so if you have any ideas please let me know. The more ways we raise money, the better.

    skeaman, I'm hoping in the near future Dr Young will be doing some high profile interviews to get exposure for SCINetUSA. Also, I have been recording his lectures to put out there after the new JustADollarPlease website is finished.

    I need your emails to add to our eBulletin list-

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    Jim, sounds good. We are all in favor of helping Wise and others in our effort. You have our support and espect results we can all be satisfied with.

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    I don't think allowing members recognition in their profile for donating to spinal cord injury research would change the purpose of the website. Only, allow people to get excited and join the movement when they see so many of their peers donating. This sounds more like promotion than changing the purpose of the site to me.
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    Maglito, sounds like you got a plan. Go fullfill it, man and let us know how you do.

    Good luck,

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    I definitely see your point and will run it by Wise.

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    OK, I just added SCINetUSA as my cause for my bithday on Facebook. My old platoon sergeant donated a token $25. She saw that 4.75% of each donation went to the donation processor and not the charity. Is there a way to do an automatic deposit from a bank account monthly? She'd prefer that. If not, to whom and where do donors address checks? BTW, she processes and deals with death payments and benefits for the Marine Corps. I could use the info rather quickly. You can email me or msg me on FB besides answering here.
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    Sue, how do you set up a birthday wish like that on Facebook?

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    Birthday Wish-

    On the top right hand side of Cause page underneath the # of Members and Donations, click on-Start a Bday Wish for this Cause

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    Fundraising tools have been updated, email me with questions/suggestions-

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