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Thread: corsets & kink-wear

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    corsets & kink-wear

    What kinds and styles work for anyone sci'd (quads ->high paras) out there - honestly, I'm an alien closely related to grover - rail thin with a quad gut (ok, maybe not so "rail" after the kid...)
    I want some sort of corset to hold the gut in, not let it slip up or down, & make the boobs look good, too... and naturally, it can't damage my skin (ie. no back closures).

    Ladies, kinksters, any ideas?
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    66 viewers so far and not 1 idea...
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    i know my friend who was a quad purchased hers from a vendor in one of those booths in the middle of a mall. you could also try Fredrick's of Hollywood, see,sc.html . they have all kinds of corsets and shapewear. good luck!

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    Alissa, Idk of a corset per se, but have found something that doesn't slip to hold everything in & give some shape. I will pm the details as the label has faded away & I'm trying to find what I have on the net now. These have wires & do to leaning I had to get one taken out because of pressure. As far as boobs..Victoria Secret now has the uplifting two sizes bigger bra which is on my Christmas list. Us quads know those babies need the help after sci is done with 'em. lol. I haven't tried one but my friend(ab) did, she very,very visably went from a C to a DD! If you are truley looking for a corset I would say to find it Theopania on here? Hopefully someone else knows her website addy or email as I don't see her here often, but she does have a R&S forum over at Disaboom now..I know she can lead you in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79 View Post
    ...still looking for the gut.
    try something from - Sarah has a piece that she bought for use to smooth everything out under a bridesmaid dress, works well.

    for dudes:

    all this junk is $$$ though. has a good selection of most everything on the market.

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    Thanks Scott. Sarah needed smoothing out though? Please...

    I didn't realize spanx had cami's now. Alissa, I bet one of those would push the girls up & in too! He is right though, prrriiceeey! Esp. when you need one each day,geez!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79 View Post
    Thanks Scott. Sarah needed smoothing out though? Please...
    i know, i know, but you know how women think.

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    drop a line to Tiffany. She has worn some.
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    thank all, i'll be sure to update...
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