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    planning a trip, any tips on where I should look for information or any helpful suggestions?

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    What do you intend to do and how long are you staying? We just got back from 10 days in Vegas and I must say its the most accessible city I have ever visited. Even most of the taxis are accessible vans and the strip is 100% wheelchair friendly.

    Have fun...bring LOTS of money...everything is taxed..
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    I've stayed at the venetian and venetian. staying at Aria @ City Center in march. The well known hotels all have accessible rooms that should satisfy your needs... Just make sure to ask...

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    Mega info here about Vegas. Just use search.
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    I just went to Vegas in October with my friends. It was a blast, and I hardly slept.

    Everything is incredibly accessible. Tons of old people go there to lose their money, so the Casinos don't want to exclude anybody in a chair.

    Here are some examples of how accessible it is.

    Within 30 seconds of exiting the airport door, the guy who is in charge of the taxis had a taxi with a WC ramp pulling up beside us. Zero wait.

    Inside Bellagio there is a wheelchair accessible blackjack table (not that I couldn't play on other tables), it had two seats reserved (well I guess it was really lack of seats for other people) for people in chairs.

    There are many walkways over the busy intersections, all of which have elevators.

    The Cirque du Soleil show that I went to had plenty of WC seating, with room for my friends right beside me.

    Never found a bathroom that I didn't fit into, even in my cheap hotel room (which was just a regular room).

    My helpful suggestion would be, just go. Its a blast, and you will run out of money and time long before you run out of things to do.

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