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Thread: central cord injury?

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    Another question...with a mild injury like this should the weakness resolve soon or will it take a long time? I plan to do as much as I can to rehabilitate, I am just thinking of all the things I miss and wondering when/ if I can do them again. Does the pain typically go away? The tingling is starting to get better and my arm feels a little less "dead" if you understand what I am saying, but I am still having a lot of pain and really really low strength in my arms to the point where its hard to wash my hair and open doors.

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    No one really knows how long it might take--everybody is different. I am almost seventeen months post-injury and I can open doors but can't wash my hair.

    If you are looking for home exercise equipment, I would suggest a table bike. These can be used on the floor with legs or on the table with arms. You can make them go forward or backward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluegreenocean View Post
    Thanks everyone.

    Wise, my legs are getting a lot better. I've been walking every day. They tried to put me on the bike at PT but I just couldn't tolerate it. I kept trying though. I've even been hiking twice (much shorter and flatter than what I am used to but it was great). I'm planning to get a treadmill or join a gym. I am still really worried about my arms but I am going to keep practicing and practicing and keep in mind that it can get better. I felt like I hit a plateau and I really didn't know I have a good possibility of getting better.

    PN, the ER did not stabilize my neck at all. I was out of it, but my brother asked if it was good idea and and the dr. said it usually wasn't needed. I got tortocollis immediately so my neck was stuck sideways basically so I wonder if they could even get it in a brace if it was like that?

    JB, interesting you bring up stenosis. The non-traumatic kind runs in my family. I'll have to ask if the dr saw it on my MRI at all, because that would explain some of this. I did have an EMG but I don't know the results. The dr did say something about my nerves being like a loose electrical cord. He uses all these anologies instead of the actual diagnosis.

    SCI Nurse, I'll see if I can get my lawyer to let me see a physictrist. I never heard of it, but it seems like an excellent profession.

    TAM, thanks for the info. about the contract. The first few weeks after the accident were a blur.

    I need to find a good place that I can work out or just get a treadmill and some 2 -3 lb dumbells, and I am going to try to get a second opinion to see if anything can be done to restore some function, esp. in my arms, or for the spasms.

    check on that and let us know

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