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Thread: 18 gigapixel 360deg paranoramic photo!

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    Daleb, beaten by chick by only a minute. And yes, the shadow was the way to narrow down the search.

    As for what she is doing, I don't know, taking advantage of the sunlight to shave her ...
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    Ha! I almost took the time to add an arrow

    ...and, no worries!

    I also narrowed it by the color.

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    find the pizza box

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    Very cool and amazing photography! A friend just returned from Prague and was raving about the experience and the affordability. Didn't think there was any foreign place that still valued the USD.

    I used to catnap in a sunny city window. Might not be such a good idea on a 6th floor window sill laying on top of a bunch of slippery quilts.

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