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Thread: handcycles-lets see what u got

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    I`ve got front and back leds, i put them on through the day too, i`ve got mirror, and i`m going to make a flash with an old shirt.

    ..and a helmet like this-

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    Of course i`ve got a helmet too, mine is a scott.

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    How do you guys transfer from those low bikes back tomyoir chairs????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cripply View Post
    How do you guys transfer from those low bikes back tomyoir chairs????
    Like this

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    Everything is ready for my first race, tomorrow morning i will drive around a hundred milles for go to my first race. It`s just a half marathon, so it`s not going to be very hard. Sure i will enjoy with others handbikes, i will take some thumbtacks with me

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    I hope to be ready for my first marathon in three weeks. I did a 26.5 miles ride this morning in 1 hour 40 minutes on my heavy 7-speed XTL (with only 92% internal gear efficiency). I started fading after 20 miles, so hopefully two more weeks of training will improve my endurance.

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    One thing about those 7 speeds they will get you in shape, I really built up riding one of those in the Santa Rosa mountains in CA many years ago. When I came back home and got on my 27 speed I was really flying. It was like going from manual steering to power steering in a car, lol.
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    In my first race the first thing i learned was that i can`t spend time drinking water with the bottle, specially because almost all the race was uphill.
    So you have two options, buy a camelbak or just make your own one with a bit of tube, i left a few pics for show it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    guys lets see pics of your handcycles, some w/ you in it too. and any mods you have done. im in the process of getting one. i'll be dointg marathons w/ mine. just one of my goals om my things to do list. been told for quad mods the top end force, quickie shark and freedom frh1 is best choice...... used a xlt last summer, wasnt best for me, seemed a bit small for my 6'2 frame.
    talk to me ppl.
    Don't got a pic, but I use a Quickie Shadow handcycle that attaches to your existing wheelchair. I like this handcycle, because of the fact that i can attach and detach it from my wheelchair, and it will fit in my hall closet when I am not using it.

    If i have to replace it, i plan on getting one of those Dragonfly handcycles, because of the same features as the Quickie model I am using now.

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