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Thread: Night Drainage bags on Floor @ night

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    Night Drainage bags on Floor @ night

    I was just reading recently it says not to put your night drainage backs on the floor. I've always done that and never seemingly had a problem. Could it make it more likely to get a UTI this way? My theory has always been since the bag is sealed, how is bacteria gonna get in? I almost never have had a bag leak and thats in 29 years of SCI.
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    I place mine in a basin. A liter and a half of urine can make a hell of a mess if a staff member forgets to clamp it off.

    But I know what you mean. How can bacteria get into the bag, up the hose, then up your urethra.

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    I always lay it on the floor (no smart arsed jokes please) and have never had a problem.

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    Mine was unclamped once, twice, thrice....yikes. I've never heard it making you more prone to UTI's but I'd def put it in a basin!!
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    I spray Lysol disinfectant on my night bag and on the floor area and wipe clean.
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    floor here, i always double check that i clamped it thou. i think 3x in 20 years ive left it unclamped rep
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    On the floor, on top of a blue/white chux.

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    I've never heard of problems with laying a bag on the floor. I hang mine on the nightstand with a basin underneath.

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    My wife's hangs on the bed, off the floor. Since we had a leakage a couple of times, we leave a basin under it - cheap insurance against cleaning up a smelly mess (although not so bad since we removed the carpet & put in a hardwood floor)

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    Ya, I didnt figure is was that big a deal leaving it on the floor, I've never really had a problem, I always make sure its clamped when I hook it up. But heres the typical things I read on care type sites;

    Caring for your Foley or leg drainage bag:

    Catheters are made to be closed drainage systems. This means that the path from the tip of the catheter inserted into the bladder, to the bag which catches urine, is closed. A closed system decreases the chance of getting an infection. It also decreases the chance of the catheter breaking and urine spilling out. People with catheters and their caregivers should avoid detaching parts of the catheter along the closed system unless it is necessary.

    Larger, sterile, drainable, two liter drainage bags or smaller sterile leg bags are used to collect your urine. To keep a closed system, these bags are connected directly to the catheter. If you use a leg bag to collect urine, a larger drainage bag may be attached at night with a special connector. Some plastic drainage bags should be changed every 5 to 7 days. Ask your caregiver how often your drainage bag should be changed.

    Drainage bags must be kept below the level of the bladder. This will allow gravity to help drain the urine, and will stop urine from flowing back into your bladder. Urine that flows back into your bladder increases your risk of an infection. Do not let the drainage bag rest on or touch the floor. The tubing that goes from your urethra to a leg bag should be secured to your thigh with special tape, a leg strap, or a drain tube stabilizer. Allow extra tubing between the urethra and the point where the tubing is secured to your thigh.
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