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Thread: Olympic weightlifter gives birth while training

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    Olympic weightlifter gives birth while training

    Elizabeth Poblete, 22, did not know she was pregnant, and called for a doctor when she felt unwell a week ago while hoisting weights in the gym in Sao Paulo, where she lives.

    She then gave birth to a premature baby, who was doing well and whom she named Eric Jose after she got over her shock, according to a report on the news website
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    How can a woman go six months of being pregnant and now have any idea. I just don't get that.
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    It happens fairly often actually, although more often with teenagers. At 6 months many women do not show yet, and as an elite athlete her periods may have stopped due to her intense training regimen anyway (also common), although ovulation usually continues, so pregnancy is still possible.


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    man, you have way to much time on your hands rep
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