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Thread: ABBA Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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    ABBA Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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    Abba were Swedsh, Leif is Norweigan

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    Yea but Leif is always posting them all over the boards
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    In honour of both Abba and Leif, my favorite Abba song

    (I didn't think skirts that short were the style in the 70s)
    I loved Abba but never was able to catch them on tour. Minis originated in the 60s..another part of our great revolution. I recall a party at our apartment in the late 1960s when one of the gals made the mistake of coming dressed in a paper minidress, which was supposed to be the wave of the future. My wife and I had a lot of laughs cleaning up the confetti the next day. Monica had to borrow a coat to wear home. Alcohol and paper dresses do not mix! lol
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    This is one of those "a friend of a friend" stories but its my closest brush with fame and it happens to involve ABBA so here it is .......
    My husband's best friend Bob was living in Switzerland and his son sort of hung out with the daughter of the ABBA girl singer with the dark hair (Frida I think ).... he spent a few evenings dining and shmoozing with her and their family and he tells us they were all very nice and down to earth (and looking very well preserved for their age) ......
    I think that kind of makes us related ...... some of our best 70's parties were spent dancing to ABBA until the wee hours of the morning .. I love them dearly ......

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    Frida is Norwegian, she is not Swedish
    TH 12, 43 years post

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