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Thread: Where can I park a 35' RV near UCLA?

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    Where can I park a 35' RV near UCLA?


    I have only posted once before. My name is Chrystie. My husband has a recent brain injury, not spinal cord injury....but I have read so much really helpful info here that I lurk happily.

    Perhaps someone might have a suggestion for me. My husband will be going into the UCLA medical center shortly. We are not familiar with the area and have been told there is no RV parking available in the UCLA Medical Center. Tom will only be hospitalized a few days and I would like to be near him so I plan to stay in the RV.

    I can't find any RV parks in the area. Do you know of any? Is there someone out there who lives close to UCLA and has RV parking I could 'borrow' for a few days.

    Any help would be terrific, thanks! Christie

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    UCLA is in a large urban area without any RV parks. If UCLA will not accomodate you, you most likely will need to find someplace at one of the beach parks in the Malibu area, or further inland at a county or state park and pay for camping fees. Most areas in the city of Los Angeles will not allow overnight parking of RVs on the street, even if you can find a spot.


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    If there is a Ronald McDonald House nearby, you could ask if they have a corner of their parking lot that they could spare for a few days.

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    I believe you can park and sleep in the parking lot of any Wal-Mart in America may not be quiet or near UCLA or safe but here in North Dakota I see RV's spending the night in the local Wal-Mart all the time

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    Thank you for information

    Hi, the ideas you gave to me help. It is disappointing to hear there are no RV parks nearby but now I know to eliminate that idea.

    I had forgotten Wal-Mart! Yes, in CA also RVs are encouraged to stay overnight. Usually there are many RVs all through the year so I have always thought there is likely safety in numbers. RE: Ronald McDonald house. I think there is one nearby and that would be great if it is close. I will check!

    The moderator "If UCLA will not accommodate you.." Because they have a parking garage I had not considered their lots. Very definitely worth checking into...duh!

    Thanks to all, Chrystie

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