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Thread: Disfunctional Holiday thread! yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    Happiness found in the darkest years radiates for a lifetime.
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    Well there was that Christmas that I broke my neck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    Well there was that Christmas that I broke my neck.
    OMG! That IS funny! Just kidding, that's awful.

    But yeah, without my dad around, we always made Christmas fun. It was better without him. Because we would always go over to family friends houses, like my aunty Freda's (not actually aunt, just called her that) house where there would be an overload of kids, adults and pets. Where presents didn't matter because we were all poor. We would just compensate the lack of new toys with cardboard boxes that we would turn into sleds. Then, we'd all jump in the back of a truck and go out to 'the old ski hill' that had been closed down as an actual ski hill before I'd even been born and we'd use it for the ultimate sleding hill. As everyone from town did.

    When we were all exhausted, bruised and soaked from sledding, we'd all head back to the house to devour the turkey and potatoes, always hoping there was enough gravy made for everyone. The kids were always dished out first by the adults, so that the kids wouldn't stick their pee-pee hands in the food that everyone else had to eat. Us kids would be eyeing up the dark meat while being dished out but always ended up with the dry white stuff. We didn't really care though.

    We'd never sit around the table. We'd just find a spot on the carpeted floor in the living room in front of the t.v. where there was usually a Christmas movie on. The adults in the kitchen would crack dumb jokes like, "Hmmm... must be good, it's become really quite in there." Then the rest of the adults would fake laugh. While all of us kids would look up at each other as if to say, "Pffft... how corny." Then we'd mimic the adults and have a laugh of our own.

    When we were all done eating we'd hand over our empty plates and pretend that we were so full our bellies hurt, so that we wouldn't be asked to do the dishes. We'd think we were sneaky but then one of the adults would mention pie and ice cream and we'd all of the sudden be hungry again. Of course, the adults would laugh and let us get away with it.

    By the time all of us would be done eating, our winter clothes and boots would've dried enough to be able to put them back on and go out and play again. So we would make the most of the day together and fill the street with hockey nets made of large snowchunks acting as the goal posts and use hockey sticks that were either too big, small or broken. We'd play until it was time to go back to our own homes. It made for a great Christmas.

    After days like that, the rest would just seem boring. I couldn't emagine it any other way.

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    That a boy, what a wonderful Christmas treat!
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    My dad died Christmas Eve 2001. He was at my grandmas house, and went to take a nap after eating lunch. My grandmother went in to wake him, and found him rolled off the bed and what we think was a heart attack.
    It was the strangest thing, that evening, probably about 15 minutes after he died (although we were not aware that at the time) my husband said he felt a presence in the house. He thought it was his mother, who had died the previous year, but said it didn't feel right-like it wasn't her. We decided later must've been my father, passing through to say hello.

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    I don't really have any Christmas stories that specifically pop out in my mind. I did have chicken pox one year for Christmas- I was 16 years old & in highschool, yuck! There are pictures out there somewhere of me being miserable on the couch, drenched in calamine lotion Lookin' reaaaal good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    Well there was that Christmas that I broke my neck.
    Horrible! Were you in a car accident?
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    Omg Cory. I laughed all the way through your story thinking it was a joke. That's crazy! Your poor mom.

    Dave, your mom must be so proud of you since you seem to have found all the good despite the bad. I bet you're a mama's boy seeing how hard she struggled too.

    Well the same goes for you too Cory. Your moms raised two sweet boys!

    November, not another Christmas story ending in paralysis! I hate that.

    I think our holidays have always been dysfunctional on my husbands & my side. I guess I try to block them the next day so bad, so nothing major is coming to mind. On the other hand nothing overly happy is coming to mind either. Sigh.

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    One Christmas we moved,,,it was so white trash....a pick up truck, 2 kids in the back holding the fully decorated Christmas tree as we drove thru town...tragic. LOL

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    My best and worst Christmas was the year our dad died. He died on the 19th of Dec, and tho he had ALS, his death was sudden and unexpected. (he had a bone infection that went septic) We were having a long run of arctic weather. (52 below zero) We were all in pretty rough shape emotionally, and it didn't help that the sewer line in front of our house broke.

    Dads funeral was on the 23rd, and Christmas was hard to get into. We have a big extended family, and we always had family gatherings at our home. Everyone kind of banded together and were determined that we would have a nice Christmas despite everything. Our little brothers were very young then...Sam was 4, and Jackson was 6 months old.

    When we got home from the funeral we found a huge tree already set up by some friends, and typical of Butte, we were deluged with food and beer. Everything you could imagine. We spent the next few days in awe of the outpouring of love. Many of my dads musician friends traveled long distances, and we learned so much about how dad had made differences in peoples lives, and how he was admired and respected by his peers.

    Our mom spent so much of that time talking about their life...they had been best friends all their lives growing up across the street from each other. She talked of past Christmas celebrations...traditions we had no idea how they got started.

    No one worried about presents that year, and it was liberating. The only one we
    worried about was Sam, and Santa was good to him. Jacksie was still in sleep and eat mode.

    We were clinging together in grief, but the tales told were funny and uplifting and we laughed more than we cried.

    We didn't know that that was our last Christmas with Mom. She passed away the following June. I cherish memory of that last Christmas together. Even though Dad wasn't there with us in person, he was there in the stories his friends told us about when he was healthy and doing what what he loved.

    My sister,Ann, is very much like my mom, and she makes sure the boys are making good memories , but I'm sorry they missed out on having more time with our folks. We lucked out.
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