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Thread: First Major Case Settled!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    Your daddy called, probably 4-5 times at different stages. He is a sweetie and very proud of you. After about 9 months, he had you contact me--he had you send me the photos too, I even spoke with you, still have them in my work account I believe. You were still real young then, doubt you remember. Not even on CC.
    I put two and two together last night talking with dad and what your first name is. Well, you are probably the start of me becoming an advocate. It was hard finding people here that could help with something that was so far away. Now, look at me.

    Oh I remember how shy I used to be when going to concerts and not speaking up for what was right or wrong in many occasions. Letting people cut in front of me, etc. Now, that I am not shy I am glad I can speak my mind, know how to take names down, and follow through with it. I'm helping those that are like the shy me used to be. And that just totally rocks!
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    This makes me wonder. I have attend a couple of event's lately at 3 different venues for different things. I use a walker for balance. If you are a Fire Hazard in a wheel chair that you can move. How much of a hazard for me is it that they take my walker and put it under a stage or in a room and I cannot even get to it to get out of the place if there is fire?? or the only doors that are accessable after the long line to get into one of these places has only steps to get in?? Crazy I tell you... The door that didn't have steps was not being used at that time...

    I have found frustration upon frustration with the way that people that can get around on their own accord and implement the ADA rules that often make ramps so steep that I have a difficult time getting down them with my walker due to the degree of incline. In a wheel chiar you would have to use force not to go for a ride.

    A walkway that leads to the handicap ramp for a building that has stairs on an incline in it. Of course I could walk all the way around the building to use the ramp on the other side??

    I wish that the people that designed these things would have use them with a walker or wheel chair to realize how difficult it is to open a door with that is air suction that makes it hard to pull and then it flies out toward you... with a walker or wheel chair.

    I could go on but you guys know what I mean.

    Kristi... That you for your perservance!! Great job.. Hopefully the word gets around to some of these other venues...

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    Hey Hey Girl, nicely done.
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    No call back yet for me. I'll try her again tomorrow. Tickets were pre-sale today and open to the public tomorrow.
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    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! Great job, and THANK YOU! ;-)

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    That is totall awesome Kristi! I am betting other public venues are doing double takes on their "disability provisions" and seeing if they stack up! Thanks so much for your hard work and persistence!
    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

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    Hee, what a great story, congrats!

    My pet peeve is the disabled seating in most movie theatre multiplexes, near the screen and next to the speakers. I would love to sit at the very back, like before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flicka View Post
    Never, never call this girl a 'fire hazard'!

    I was declared a 'fire hazard' once...then I learned the law!
    You guys are blowing this all out of proportions! This poor guy was just so nervous. He was just trying to say Kristi was hot, and just screwed it up sooooo bad.
    I've had the samething told to me ( a fire hazard, not being hot). It was pre-ADA, so I couldn't do much.
    I also like the title, it implies this won't be the last. Go Get them Kristi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliecoach View Post
    That is totall awesome Kristi! I am betting other public venues are doing double takes on their "disability provisions" and seeing if they stack up! Thanks so much for your hard work and persistence!
    I am hoping that since the HOB is a nationwide venue that ALL of them take notice and adapt accordingly. I'm sure they do not want another lawsuit. The lawyer going against the AAG was clear out in California and part of Live Nation. They obviously have some big wig lawyers and that's probably why it took five years for a settlement.

    There are places that make an effort and then there are places that don't. I always make it a point to write a thank you letter to those places that have been more than accommodating. Especially the extremely old buildings that do not have to meet code requirements. Sometimes they are 10 times better than new buildings.

    And Mike -- you are a funny funny man. No it won't be my last. They want to build an event center here (dad says the taxpayers will never go for it), but I read they want to use the SAME architect that I currently am going up against in my DOJ case. I need to get down there and look at the plans and see where they are putting accessible seating.
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Wow, that work looks like it paid off.

    Glad there are people like you, I would have not done anything.

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