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Thread: How important is timing with a new SCI?

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    full steam ahead,good choice.

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    iv had some expierences with shriners, but not for sci. for myself and with friends who had a child there. its a wonderful place to get well.

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    My son was 14 when he was injured three years ago. We did not get to Shriners and it is something I have regretted ever since. I don't think it his recovery would have been much different, but dealing with a top-notch facility sure would have been less stressful on all of us.
    What level of injury is your son?
    Take care.
    Please feel free to sen me a private message if you have any questions, I know how hard it is to watch a child go through surgery, rehab, PT, returning to school, etc.
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    My sons injury is at T4 and he is still in ICU in VA, he has had numerous surgeries to stop the elak in his head.

    He has a large venous mass in his chest cavity near the spine which caused his SCI.

    Please tell me more about your son, SCI and his recovery. Thank you!


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    My son hit a tree sledding and broke T9, 11, L1 (burst) and L2. Surgery took 12 hours to repair everything. He had a few complications afterward and really didn't get into the heart of the rehab process for about 2 weeks after that. Even then he was exhausted. All told he was in the hospital/rehab for 6 weeks. He then did outpatient PT for about 8 months. He did regular PT and PT in the pool. The PT also helped us develop an exercise and stretching routine for home and he did that pretty much every day for two years. He saw functional recovery for about 18-24 months. Keep in mind that when a muscle comes back it does so one fiber at a time, it's not like presto it works. It has been nearly three years since the accident and he continues to get better at how he is able to move his body -- not because of return, but because his strength is so much better and he just continues to figure out new ways to get things done. Also remember that everyone's recovery is different and no two SCIs are the same.
    I can say that exercise made a huge difference for my son mentally and physically.
    Hope that helps.
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
    Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
    -- Lucy VanPelt

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    i went to shepard, atlanta / they did not take me to Kessler. i thought it was grt facility especially younger crowd.

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