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Thread: Anyone familiar with Kluge in VA?

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    Anyone familiar with Kluge in VA?

    new here..first post.. looking for info on Kluge Rehab Ctr in Charlottesville VA. My 14 yr old son Robert had surgery to repair a significant spinal fluid leak, ended up with a blood clot that injured/compressed his spine at the T4. This just happened last week, my head is spinning trying to understand what is happening and what his future holds. We are originally from NJ, now live in VA, Robert is a huge Rutgers fan! Any information you can provide to a frightened mom is appreciated. Thank you.

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    hey sharon i went to kluge when i had my sci..any questions you have ill try to answer

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    This is so new to me I dont even know what to ask yet! Did you feel that you received the best care at Kluge? How long ago were you there? If you had a 14 yr old son with a SCI would you take him there?

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    Another Mom here...welcome! bringing back a lot of memory's...for me I was in such a space that I didn't even know what questions to ask...didn't find ccc until the second year so it is good you found carecure early! The answers are will get through will! Just remember to take care of you, easier said than done I know...but it is the most important thing you can do! hugs, judy

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    i did receive pretty good care there..i was there 2 months, i think i would look for a better rehab i mean they did do pretty good but i think they could have done more you know? but i was there 3 years ago so im not sure how it is now...would you like to get in chat and ill talk to you bout it

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    Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center and Research Institute is CARF accredited as an acute general rehabilitation center. They are not specifically accredited as a Spinal Cord Injury System of Care.

    Any chance you can get him to Shriner's in PA instead? Their SCI program is excellent. Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore is also highly recommended.


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    this is exactly the information I was looking for.. thank you! I will look into Shriners.

    my son seems to be gaining some feeling back slowly, it is inching down his chest. he also has good reflexes in his feet and his sphincter, the physical therapist dr feels that is a good sign. at this point nobody can/is telling me what to expect...I have no idea if he will walk again

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    Those are definitely good signs.

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    This site is such a blessing...I found CareCure through BrainTalk, have been a member there since my son was diagnosed with his CSF leak. I cant thank you all enough for sharing information.

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    When injured in 1978, I was taken to the "Towers" in Charlottesville VA, guess it was a part of UVA, after a few weeks was sent on to fishersville's Woodrow Wilson rehab
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