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Thread: Made the Newspaper for

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    nice article Michael, and it was great to meet you years ago at the winter garden;
    i take the auto insurance scofflaws serious, majority of the brooklyn cars with out of state pates are really uninsured.
    the taxis in nyc have a scam where they become judgment free, with no fault in nys after a set dollar amount you have to sue to get more money for your medical bills, but they change their business name or some scam to avoid being sued
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    ....... I am proud to know you Michael ..... blessings and thank you for sharing your work with us !

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    I've said it before Michael, your work is truly amazing. I have wondered at your prices when I saw a painting you were working on in a previous thread where you were showing pictures of your dogs. They are quite reasonable. I love the giant pink roses.
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    Looks like the word is getting around Michael:

    I too love the roses and have enjoyed your art and gentle presence on CareCure for a number of years.
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    A wonderful profile of you and your work Michael. A great read, congratulations on being able to keep on keeping on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    Looks like the word is getting around Michael:
    Thanks cheesecake, I didn't know CRF picked up the story.

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    Very good article, and I am in awe of your artistic ability. Mine extends as far as stick figures, and that was BEFORE my SCI! Yours are awesome.

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