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    Wow, sorry Coleen. I hope has learned his lesson.

    I have to disagree that "bad" children do this & that it is just a boy thing. As a young child I remember drawing on the walls just to get anger out towards my parents & over my moms disability. On the outside, people thought I was sweet as candy but inside I was anything but. Growing older I went off on people & broke many things. Looking back I wasn't violent but I just had to find a way to cope & handle raging hormones. Thankfully, that all stopped around 25. No, Really around 16 when I could have some space & independence by getting a car. I still was known to throw something every few months. I probably would still every now & then if these quad paws had better aim.

    Oh, I even remember slamming keys into (& I mean tearing through it) my boyfriends dash b/c he made me so angry. He loved that truck & revenge was SO sweet. ....until he did the same thing back to my car...sigh.
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