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Thread: Men who had children post SCI

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    Men who had children post SCI

    For men that had children after their SCI I was just wondering how involved were you with helping your wife with raising your child/children? What type of things would you do and how did you help your wife?

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    I was Mr. mom for the first two years. I did it all; changed diapers, baths, cooking, shopping etc. We had a great time.

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    No limitations here, with a T12 injury.

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Everything but showing them how to climb a tree.

    Never washed so many bottles in my life as I am these days.

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    my oldest son was almost 2 yrs and my 2nd was only 5 months when i was hurt.....i was pretty bad to start ..was unable to do much for about a good 1 1/2 yrs....i got alot of function back and can pretty much do anything was heartbreaking for me not to hold, feed , play, etc with them.....
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    Dude I have five under 13 years of age. Need I say more?

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    ANY involvement you have in helping out is better than nothing!

    I changed maybe 10 diapers, if that. What I was good at was getting my boy to sleep. If he were in his crib I would rub his back and sing to him. If we were out and he needed a nap, he'd lay on my lab and I would rock him to sleep (push/pull on 1 wheel).

    Just taking that little bit of responsibility helped my wife tremendously, and my boy stil likes to snuggle with Daddy and he's 8.

    Today we're past naps, and I help coach his baeball team. I'm not good at throwing, but I can still verbally help the kids out.

    Sometimes, "just being there" is all you need to do!

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    We had two girls and I'm home with them, my partner's career being way better than mine. So lots of involvement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulScream View Post
    We had two girls and I'm home with them, my partner's career being way better than mine. So lots of involvement!
    Lucky you!

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    Great pictures Jdugmore

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