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Thread: My ding-dong kid

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    Ill spare you the examples of my dumb kid. yes though, I would not have ever done some of the shit I see going on. what the heck happened to self respect? no one wants to act proper anymore. not that im any kind of proper, but well im mary effin poppins compared to whats going down in and around towns today.

    I dont know how my kid ever got the idea its ok to panhandle if you need money. i was horrified. id rather she punch a hole in the wall and have to fix it. and how do they live in those rooms of theirs?!? EEEeewwwww! I can shut the door, but every dish is in there mouldering in the dark, as well as likely every thing that I cant find when I need it. I miss my kids pray for them every day. love not doing their dishes. love love love not doing all those darn dishes.

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    Yeaaa. I did that dumb stuff when I was in my teenage years a couple times. After having the spackle and patches taken out of my allowance and having to fix them, I learned my lesson.
    Glad to hear, I wasnt the only dumb one....
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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