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Thread: A differnet christmas poem

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    A differnet christmas poem

    As the christmas season is approaching, there are many who will not be home to celebrate the festivities with family and friends. I came across this poem that touched my heart in a personal level, for my son, who is a Marine, is in Afghanistan, and it is our first christmas apart. Come christmas morning as my daughter gleefully open her presents, my thoughts will turn to my son, and to all the other boys, who cannot be home for christmas. "Stay safe my son, we love you, and may god watch over you til you are back home."
    Please I ask, that this not become some political thread. I know each and everyone of us has different views, and this isnt intended for it. I am just a mom finding a way to help me through this til my son is safely back home. Thank you.

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    I like that poem, Robynbird, I'll keep your son in my prayers.

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