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Thread: Bowl Issues / Pain

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    Angry Bowl Issues / Pain

    I've posted a few problems that I've experienced over the last 8 months.

    1. Right Side pain
    2. Some bloating on non-bowl days
    3. Severe pain under rib cage
    4. Constant feeling bowel is not empty
    5. After bowl program, feeling that an accident may accur, but doesn't, it continues through the day followed by sweating. [feels like catheter is pinched, but is not]

    Gastro doc performed upper GI, and colonoscopy. Everything was fine. Cultures and pics were fine. Ultrasounds of all organs, good. No stones in ducts nor kidney or bladder [ scoped]. I' ve changed diet over and over again. One problem that I do experience are internal/external hemmoroids, but not always inflamed.

    PLEASE HELP, its very painful everyday. I am going to try MRI, but all the tests in 2009 have killed me financially since my BCBS sucks and my boss pays the premium, whenever. I need to figure this out, I can barely think straight during the day. Pain pills don't work, so I take very little so constipation from narcotics is ruled out.

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    Could be neuropathic pain.
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    Maybe try an evaluation by a good pain doc.

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    Everything may look fine which is good but SCIers have a slow motility/transition time and the bowel moves slower. There are many curves in the intestine one being in the upper right side and things may be getting slowed down there or anywhere, so the idea is to keep things moving and empty out- more fiber, increased fluid, stool softner, every day bowel program instead of every other,with suppository or Enemeez, dig stimulation till no movement on the last stim,
    If no movement, occasional fleets enema or laxative-depending on how long and symptoms.
    And yes, could be neuropathic pain or a combination of bowel issues with neuropathic pain.

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    Yes, I would say the hemorrhoids, or some other sacral nerve is the source of your pain. In my opinion the connect back to the gut somehow.

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    After so many years of suppositories, my rectum muscle gave out. Doc's did all the tests and couldn't figure out why I couldn't have a BM. Finally after so much pain and several trips to hosp. the figured it out. Had to have a colostomy, but no probs. since.

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