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Thread: 12 year old with new SCI

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    12 year old with new SCI

    Dear, Dr.Wise Young #9

    I'm writing to you inquiring about my niece 12 years old girl who was
    involved in a road traffic accident ,T4,T6,T7,T8 showed dislocation fracture

    accordingly on 16 June 2009 she underwent posterior decompression and
    stabilization for thoracic spine fracture with instumetation.she is
    now completely paralyzed from chest and down ,my question is there
    any healing potential
    concerning movement,mobility,walking ,urinating function and bowel
    your reply will be highly appreciated
    Best Regards.

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    continued.if the answer is yes where and when

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your niece. I hope that she has been getting the best of care.
    I'm sure you will get a response from Dr Young or the nurses to your question on your niece's future, but I'll just say from my experience (I'm a T4 complete) the first year or two are a huge learning curve in all kinds of ways - physically, mentally, emotionally. Your niece will be challenged to adjust every day to her new body, her surroundings, her place in the world. It can be overwhelming, but with each challenge comes a reward and over time she will naturally get stronger and be more able to do the things she wants to do. What she can do physically now might change as a result of physio, exercise and just the general effort of daily living.
    Do you know if she has been classified as an Asia A injury - that is, a complete?

    As far as curative treatments for paralysis go there is nothing out there at present, although a lot of encouraging research that might in time become treatments. The best thing your niece can do now is to keep active, do as much as she can to keep herself in good shape. She is of an age that will undoubtedly benefit in the future from the research that is going on today.

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    Thank carbar for your sympathy and worm feelings hopping the cure for every one in world,this young girls have lost 5 member of her family (mum, dad,3 sisters)in the same accident

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    Quote Originally Posted by cure searcher View Post
    Thank carbar for your sympathy and worm feelings hopping the cure for every one in world,this young girls have lost 5 member of her family (mum, dad,3 sisters)in the same accident
    Oh my god that is just tragic - this little girl is going to need all the love, support and encouragement she can get. Are you now looking after her? Are you getting support too? Please ask as many questions as you like about anything to do with SCI or other issues. Honestly there are so many here who will share their experiences, tips, ideas on how to make life better, easier. Where are you and your niece living? As you can see I am in France so probably don't have much to offer in the way of local resources, but others will.

    Big Hug to your niece and to you too.

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    Thak you again my dear carbar as you can see her situation put much pressure on me to find out treatment every where. we live in saudi arabia

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    Are you able to come to the US for care? Is it something you can manage financially? If so, I can suggest some progressive centers for care.

    Are you interested in new injury and research info? If so, you can send an email with your neices info and your questions to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center here:
    Mark it as a New Injury and an Information Specialist will respond to you as well as send you free materials.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Your posts hit me deep, with tears in my eyes. I'm sick to think of this little girl going through this without her mom and other family members by her side. My daughter a year also had a spinal cord injury at the age of 10. She is now 11 and adjusting well. She had a difficult time at the hospital and at rehab. She just wanted to go home. Give your niece a big hug from me.

    Listen to cheesecake she has a lot of information she can share.

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    Shriner's Children's Hospitals often take international patients. They have 3 excellent SCI rehabilitation centers in the USA (Chicago, Philadelphia and Sacramento).


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    Thanx cheesecake and gcblarsen for your nice responce

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