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Thread: I'm in the local paper!

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    Well done, Kiran If we don't focus our attention on accessibility barriers, no one will.
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    “To have a flight of stairs in front of a building is like saying: ‘No disabled people allowed,’ ” Aujlay said.
    Good job Kiran! I totally agree. It is akin to "No Blacks Allowed" signs in the southern states 60 years ago. Can you imagine such signs today?

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    Way to go Kiran!Keep up the good fight!
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    does Canada have something like the ADA? are these clubs in violation of any accessibility building codes?

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    Good job Kiran. We have to keep pushing or they will not move. The human stairlifts may be well intentioned, but I have had too many close calls to consider it an acceptable alternative.
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    Yes! The clubs in Victoria are awful for us wheelies! I won tickets to see Priestess at Sugar a while ago, but had to cut the night short because after being lifted up the stairs, I couldn't get to the washroom :S. I think all us young wheelers should get together and open a fun and fully accessible club!

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    THAT, Ashley, is an exceptional idea!!! Thanks all for the kinds words! In my head, the cartoon version of me just judo-chopped inaccessibility in half. HIIIIIYYYYYYAH!

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    That's awesome Kiran, great job

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    Great article. Those stairs look dangerous even for the able bodied clubbers.

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    Congratulations Kiran! Great article, and thanks for your advocacy work. Even though I live far away, everytime something becomes more accessible it is my belief it benefits us all. Besides, you just never know when I might want to come to BC and have a drink!

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