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Thread: Mac OS X 10.4: Apple Spoken Interface

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    Mac OS X 10.4: Apple Spoken Interface

    new accessibility / universal access feature... check it out:

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    That stuff is actually in 10.3...Panther. I just checked. Boy, I'm never dawned on me that was what "Universal Access" meant. I wish I had discovered that "flash screen" function a long time ago. Heh. Thanks.

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    "Apple includes a variety of accessibility features in Mac OS X referred to collectively as Universal Access. These features enable those with vision, hearing, and motor skills disabilities to more easily use the Macintosh computer. These features, including the spoken interface, are designed to work together and in combination to address the unique needs of every user. Universal access features include zoom view, grayscale, black on white (inverted display), sticky keys, mouse keys, slow keys, and more."



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