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Thread: Intense training for atrophied legs

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    Intense training for atrophied legs

    I read a response where Dr. Young said
    "Chronic Spinal cord, should do 6 to 12 weeks of intense training once a year" Is there anyplace in NJ that has such intense training or does anyone know where a location is as i am willing to go there and train. Can someone here provide me with such intense workout training so i can do on my own? Or can someone here point me in the right direction of what intense training would be for a guy like myself that has an atrophied left leg and partial right. I do walk and I can do leg press's, but i am starting to realize if i want to get back to me, i am going to have to train hard and make a life change. I will be taking the advice and training for 6 to 12 weeks of intense training but I am looking for a course to follow. I am searching for the right way to go here. Thank you.

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    NURSE PLEASE REPLY - I ditto this message.I am C6 complete - please provide outline of 'intense 6-week exercise program'' I could take to my ymca to implement. THANK YOU

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    I do not know of any rehab place that would admit someon eonly for Physical therapy, it would have to be outpatient an dyes, you could do probalby do it on your own. You could get a consult for PT to evaluate you and give you a plan.That would be indivualized.
    The rules are- start slow and build up 5-10 repetiions of each exercise station a day. Intense would be starting with one time a day and build up to two times a day.


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    You should check out Push to Walk in NJ. They can give you a jump start and a home exercise program.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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