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Thread: Head Mouse---URGENT

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    Head Mouse---URGENT

    Hi everybody,
    We would like to buy my brother a head mouse. But in Turkey there is no company that are selling head mouse. So we are looking to internet to find a proper head mouse to be used in patient who can not totally use his hands.
    until now I find 2 type of head mouse that are as followings;
    1. Tracker one or Tracker 2000 (
    2. Smart-Nav AT Package (
    I would like from you forum members to propose me the most usefull and/or most common used head mouse in which a quadraplegic patiant can use his mouse very easily. Or in other words which is the most user friendly.
    my brother likes very much to waste time in his pc but he could not use his pc right now therefore he is very depresive. becuase of this we would like to buy head mouse as soon as possible.
    do you have any other suggestion regarding head mouse.
    sorry for my poor English. thanks for your help in advance.

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    Hey mka,

    I'm C6 so can use a trackball but I did try the TrackIR a few months ago. It is exactly the same hardware unit as the Smart-Nav AT Package.

    My experience is that it was pretty good for mouse control and easy to use. I've never used any other types so I cant compare.

    You can see the manufacturer's website here.

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    MKA: At this time I cannot offer any other suggestions then those that our two members made. I think you recall that there was a topic titled "How do you type?" Good luck, and let us know if you need any more help.


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    MKA , i am waiting for a reply from the University of Southern Queensland about the status of the ''BrowsMouse'' which they were doing development of . below is a description of it .

    ''Rapid progress is being made on the BrowsMouse, one of the ongoing components which
    forms part of this research project. The BrowsMouse is an interface designed to reduce the
    impairment a disabling accident can inflict on the victim's life. It enables people who have
    little or no use of their arms to operate a standard computer by using their eyebrows.
    The BrowsMouse consists of a pair of spectacles, which serve as a mounting frame for
    sensors which detect movement of the users eyebrows. The up and down movements of
    both eyebrows are conveyed to a small box which generates 'mouse codes' which are sent to
    the computer system via infra-red light signals. The received signals are interpreted in
    exactly the same way as a conventional mouse. Thus, compatibility problems are avoided
    and the user can point and click using their eyebrows.
    The BrowsMouse has been developed based on needs and design criteria determined in
    earlier stages of this research. It has been designed to minimise the cost to the user. It is
    robust, easy to use, light weight and unobtrusive.
    After encouraging publicity and links forged with disability groups, the BrowsMouse is about to
    undergo extensive field trials with the aim of making it a commercial product. Thus far 18
    BrowsMice have been built for evaluation purposes. These units will be distributed among
    disability groups, including the Toowoomba Library Disability Access Centre, and individual
    users around Australia and overseas.
    Research Outcomes:
    The future of the BrowsMouse is in providing computer access as well as in giving the users
    more independence in their living environment. To enhance independence, home automation
    is currently making inroads into the disability industry. The BrowsMouse, which communicates
    using infra-red light, will be adapted to link with home automation systems. This will make the
    BrowsMouse a very flexible aid for people with disabilities. ''

    when i get any more information i will post it on here .
    thank you ,

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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