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Thread: very sad day in seattle/tacoma area, LEOs

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    very sad day in seattle/tacoma area, LEOs

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    Last week as I lay in the bed in the hospital with a severe UTI, this story had me flooded sad emotions for the victims and their families. It's so sad! Bless them all in this time of mourning and may their holiday season be as pleasant as it can be in spite of the sorrow.

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    So very sad. I heard there was a significant number of police officers from British Columbia who took part in the procession. I think we all felt the overwhelming sadness of this tragedy.

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    That is horrible Cass! I know anything can happen to anybody but the families of police officers must live on the edge of fear everyday. Those poor children left fatherless, very sad.

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    Cass, I spent the day with TV on the memorial as I did housework. It truely is a sad day for the so many families and the area. I just got to thinking the amount of training that goes into making a police officer. Time, effort,money, my gawd the sadness of it all. 19 children between them, alot of parentless kids.
    The judicial system let us down again!!!

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    So sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the officers.

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    19 children between them ... wow.

    Funny how threads derailing the police get lots of replies but losing their lives gets about six?
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    that was a typo, i think. 9 children. 3 male LEOs and one female LEO. they were gunned down in cold blood while in a coffee cafe doing morning paperwork on their laptops.

    btw, the murderer was helped by friends and family who knew what he had done. tg, they are being charged. hope they get fair amount of jail time.
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