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    Just got a great deal on unit ,resort kit ,sports kit.............anyone play Wii?
    will take a day or so to hook up LOL.

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    I was thinking about getting a Wii but don't know if my quad claws can use the interface. Are there any quads with any experience using it, what do you use to play what games?

    Good idea or bad for a quad?

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    I am a c4-5 and cant play the games my kids have. There is a button underneath that I cant push.

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    I'm a c4-ca inc & I have one... YES YOU CAN USE IT... It takes time getting used to it, but it's doable. I play tennis & boxing, and I get pretty tired.

    The bottom button you just push with the opposite wrist.

    Get one, you'll be happy you did AS LONG AS you are the kind who does not mind conquering challenges.
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    c6/7 but my c5 friend even plays ghost squad and house of the dead are fun shooters and use the zelda gun its easiest for a quad. mario tennis. ill look l8r.

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    I play Tiger Woods golf on Wii.
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    went from a Wii age of 80 to 60 in 2 weeks, LOL!!
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