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Thread: My options for my new chair

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    My options for my new chair

    I am going to buy my new ultralight chair soon, and I want to be sure that what I buy is best for me, between all the chairs on the market these are the options I've chosen, among other things because I have the chance to try all these chairs before purchasing them, see them live, personally touch and feel the sensation to catch them and weigh them personally of course with my scale.

    If I had to buy it a year ago, the decision would be without doubt: the ZR, but new chairs have come to market very appealing, and among other things lighter, because all they are lighter than the ZR less the GTM 1, which weighs very little more.

    I've tried the ZR and the Panthera U2 light, and will put the pictures and small stories in brief.

    This Monday I will try the Panthera X, but I will have to travel to Toledo, is the city where is the national hospital of spinal cord injury, is about 300 miles, but I think it will be worth the trip.
    Is the only X in Spain, which left next week and returns to Sweden and the end of January there will be demos for orthopedics, but thanks to my friend Alex I heard that there is one there until next Wednesday.
    For the others i will travel to Valencia that is about 350 miles, but in that place i could try the rest of chairs.

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    The Panthera-X is without a doubt the coolest looking chair of the bunch -- and the most expensive too. Is there an option for side guards on this chair? Installing a locking hub system on this chair could be a problem, for those who are interested.

    The GTM Endeavour also looks very promising -- very sturdy looking. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the build quality of the GTM line.

    Who makes the fendered side guards pictured on the ZR? I'd like to get a set for mine.

    The Helium looks like the least durable of all, but a fixed-frame version, when it becomes available is intriguing.

    And you know that as soon as you're done selecting a chair, a whole new slew of new models will come on the market. But picking from this roundup, I don't think you can go too far wrong.

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    the gtm chair is quite popular now in ireland, probably as they are made in poland and have some very good deals. a few friends of mine have got a hammer and seem pleased with it... id be interested in what you think

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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the X kicks ass. I can't wait or the review. I'm glad you found one to demo so soon.

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    If you are considering the lightest chair, isn't the TR lighter than the ZR and has less flex.

    I really like the Pan. X, I see they don't

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    Can't you get your hands on a kuschall in Spain? How about the KSL?

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    Yes, there is going to be avaible CF side guards(fendered i think), the hub lock i think it will be problem, but i can say that Pantheras Uni locks wheels are very good.

    The fendered side guards of the ZR are Tilite`s.

    About the Helium i don`t think the durable is the most important if you are going to change your chair every 5-6 years. Of course if you need a chair for the next 20 years or for rest of your life you will have to go for titanium chairs, because the titanium is the most durable, but no if you change your chairs every certain time.
    I`ve got a Quickie GTX for 3 years and no problem, only broke the footplate.

    In January i will have already tried all the chairs, so i don`t think there will be anything new in the market, i will do the order in last of January less if i decide finally for the X, i will have to wait until Fabruary for the order.


    The Hammer is my favority of the GTM`s, it`s a L frame but a bit different, same as Lasher but cheaper, but i have to check the quality and see if the transfer weight that they say is true ( between 7.6 lbs to 8.7 lbs depending the options) it`s made with aluminium 7020 T6 and the best thing is that they made the chair exactly for you, for example if you want:
    seat depth 16.35" seat widht 16.7" rear height 16.8" etc. and the best of all with no extra cost.


    I`m glad too, but i can`t go with two friends for hold me up, because is far away and they can`t come with me, but i would say to two guys who will be walking trought the street that if they can hold me up for a pic for you

    Patrick Madsen:

    I don`t consider the TR because it`s an all model like ZR, and if i would go for that kind of frames, i will go for Pantheras because they are lightest and i have tried the U2 light and it`s very good.
    So i`m not sure yet, because i have to try them but the really considering chairs are the X, U2 light or GTM Hammer.


    Yes, i can get KSL, but the GTM endour or the RGK Oracing are very similar and lighter, are made with stronger aluminium, because the KSL is made with 6061 T6 and the GTM`s with 7020 T6 and you can choise the measures what you want.
    So order the KSL, the GTM endour or the RGK Orancing in the same colour and with the same wheels and they all look the same chair, and i`m looking for something a bit different.
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    I have very bad experiance with a kuschall airlite .i had 7 frameparts bend boults that were loosen ore broken down .for me never a kuschall .but that gtm looks real good specially the leather upholsery wow .and if its made in poland probely not that expencive .
    but than again what is important the looks ore how it sits rides and is it trustwourthy.
    when i got my kuschall 4 years ago it was my first wc .i had no idea on how and what i only looked how good it looked .when i got it after a few weeks it begun i always felt a backsling in my back .than after few months i sat on the cord that lets your back down .than frameparts bend boulds loosen ore broke off (no iam not that heavy 180 lbs)
    in total i had 7 bend frameparts 2 frontwheels broken of .boult under seat loosen and broke in 2 backsupport renewed .

    what i trie to say here is goodlooking ok .but better is if its sits good rides good and no problems with it in the future
    when i had a fitting 3 weeks ago (my second is next wednesday) i allready knew the chair i wanted to have all te pros and conns about it .

    i did some reading here on this forum .i aked few team members of my basketball team that had a tlite zr ore zra what their experiance was .id even borrowed one when i went to the fitting .

    there are some really nice ultra lightweight chairs on the market .that really look good .but how good are they when you jump of a sidewalk on the street ore go back up a sidewalk .and last but not least whats the price .if seen prices that seems that these chairs are made of gold

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    btw i have been looking at that pic of the pantera .i think it has a bad back on it when you turn and have to grab something you have a tube sticking in your side it has no cover over it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelboy View Post

    there are some really nice ultra lightweight chairs on the market .that really look good .but how good are they when you jump of a sidewalk on the street ore go back up a sidewalk .
    That`s what i`m going to verify of all this chairs.
    I tried a Kuschall R33 and i don`t like it either, it was the worst suspension that i have ever tasted in my life, if i were moving to the sideways the frame of the chair start swinging.

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