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Thread: My brother got run over by his powerchair.

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    When clothing gets caught up in the joystick the chair has a mind of its own.
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    It's always the dismount that hurts! hope he's feeling a bit better.


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    Ouch! Sorry to hear this - hope he recovers quickly!

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    damn what luck! sounds horrid!
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    Gee, poor Brother!

    Tell him I said that next time he decides to cut a flip, he better have on a suit of armour!

    And some pillows to land on too!!!

    Better yet, tell him to ditch the chair and call a taxi...

    HEY...he's gotta laugh....even if it does hurt!

    Take care all, and be careful with those chairs...

    A friend once put his power chair on my toe! I can't describe how many colors that toe turned...sigh...

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    Dear Mark / Mike
    That reminds me of my roommate in Rehab she got her big Fancy Elec Wheelchair and tore the covers off my bed leaving our room my bed was by the entrance and she got my sheets all wrapped around her Jazzy Geez plus her sleeve got stuck on the Lever she was out the hallway and hit a sidewall . She didnt know how to drive . The next morning we both headed to physic therapy only she ran over my toes and my right big toe got smushed bloody
    the nail turned black and We got it fixed it was a pain in the foot or A __ __ lol she drove bad .
    Needles to say she had no feeling below her knees because she had no feet . I was the Sacrificial lamb of her Expensive Jazzy Driving Monologue .

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