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Thread: Quads w/ no hand function - how do you use mouse functions?

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    There are times at work when I am unable to use the mouse when trouble shooting or other reasons. Basic navigation is done with the tab key and the tab key in combination with the alt and ctrl keys. Menues are accessed by the alt key and some programs have their own specific ctrl+key and alt+key functions. It is slow, especialy when tabbing through a bunch of links on a web page, but no operating system truly requires a mouse to be functional. The only time this doesn't apply is gaming when the mouse is the primary device for movement.

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    Originally posted by jwr18:

    I just got my new laptop with a touchpad and to my dismay I found out it won't work with my mouth stick. I found a that sells "Conductive Foam" that will allow you to use your mouthstick with a touchpad. However, they don't ship to the US. I have an e-mail in asking where we can get it in the US. I'll let you know.

    i Accidently found chhocolate bar wrapers work too, MAYBE try tin foil on the end for the time being.

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    I have always just used a standard touchpad, a laptop works best but you can get one for a desktop to. I have never been able to use my computer in bed and I thought the TrackIR was for games, I'll have to look into that. Does anyone here know if it works in apps on OS X? How do you select or click and drag something with it?


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