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Thread: Quads w/ no hand function - how do you use mouse functions?

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    i use my left hand, even though i was right handed preinjury, but to click the mouse i use the part of my hand below my index finger. i just apply pressure. i think its all in the wrist since my fingers dont work.

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    Best ever Kensington trackball,u can find it cheaper other places.5yr warranty

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    Hey Chris

    Go to they have what you need. I've used it for two years and I think its faster and more practical then anything else I have used.Check it out.


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    I am a C-4, almost C-5 and I use a wireless mouse. I am unable to use the buttons so I use a device called "switch click" made by Tash. There are two buttons each 2 1/2 inches in diameter that I operate with my other hand. They work very well. The original switch click is a four inch diameter button that only controls the mouse button. You can special order a switch click that has an external jack you can plug an additional button into to control the right mouse button. For more information go here

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    I use the Kensington expert mouse like some of the others. I can use it with my knuckles and between that and my voice software, it is as fast as most normal people with a mouse. I tried everything and the Kensington is way above everything else.

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    I use a Kensington Expert Mouse and as mentioned, you can program the buttons depending on what suits you best.


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    I also use Dragon NaturallySpeaking all the time. I'm a big fan. I also used it early on when I was still in the hospital. Back then, I was unable to use a mouse so all computer activity had to be done through voice. Dragon NaturallySpeaking works pretty well when opening documents, surfing the Web, and obviously dictation.

    A feature many people are unaware of is the Mouse Grid. This feature turns your computer screen into a grid of nine squares. Each are labeled with a number and you simply say the number to focus in on that area of the screen. This is repeated until the mouse is where you need it to be.


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    Lewis, thanks for mentioning the Mouse Grid.


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    I use a two-handed QuadTrac from the same company that makes the Uppertone gym. It has two large buttons that are separate from the trackball and serve as the right and left click. Very handy! The web site is below.

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    I use the Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro wireless by Kensington (Kensington site) like the ones pictured by Hawk and Lewis below.

    It is fast and easy to use even without hand function and is easy to program. The DirectLaunchâ„¢ Buttons are great for functions like going to a frequently visited page, opening or closing windows, or opening your email program.

    I did have a little bit of trouble with the programming functions when I first got my mouse. However, once I updated the software from the Kensington site it worked fine with Windows XP.

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