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Thread: Quads w/ no hand function - how do you use mouse functions?

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    cjo, I use a Logitech trackball this one

    I just lay my index and middle finger on the ball to move the cursor and my thumb has just enough function to left-click (select). I right click (context) by rolling my hand over and pressing the right button with the outside edge of my hand(if you can picture that). If you can't use your thumb, you could also configure the mouse so that the right button was your select and use the outside of your hand to select. Like Quadpro does, I set the small left button to click lock in the control panel so I don't have to hold the button down to drag.

    Anyway, that works for me. They make a lot of different styles.

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    I use which allows me to control the mouse with head movement as I have no hand function. Steve

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Slim. I have thought about getting an Intuos tablet before to practice drawing on the PC, but have never thought about using it as a mouse. Does anyone have any experience with graphic tablets?

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    hey cjo, i use a track ball mouse for my desktop and laptop. i hope this helps.....
    its the same one that mattc uses.......chad

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    i use a regular mouse, grasp it with both palms on a flat surface on my lap. I click using the bottomside of my little finger.

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    found it ITAC systems...i bought the evolution...hope this helps

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    I use a joystick that I got from
    it's called the quad-joy two or three, I can't remember which but I know it's the newest one. It has ports to plug-in pressure switches for right and left click. I don't have any wrist or hand function but with a T-bar, a use the joystick just like my wheelchair controls. That with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7, there is nothing I can't do on the computer.

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    I use voice activation. Dragon NaturallySpeaking7. Do it all with your voice, works excellent. I have a microphone in front of me so I can come and go as I please which makes a very convenient. I love it.

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    I put my Kensington Expert Mouse on a mouse board that fits on top of my left leg.


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    i use my hand. i put my hand on the mouse, and when i need to click, i roll the pressure on the button. it works well for me. i was able to finish all the half-lifes, duke nukems, and many more.

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